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Associate Photographer

Merdog Media LLC primarily focuses on elegant Family Beach Photography as well as high-end Real Estate Photography in and around Port Aransas.


This role is best for:

  • an amateur or aspiring photographer that has always wanted to make the leap to professional photography.

  • a recent college photography graduate who is looking for practical experience.

  • a newer, somewhat established photographer who is looking to expand their portfolio and skill set. 

  • an established photographer who loves shooting, but doesn't necessarily enjoy the business side of things.

  • a former photographer wanting to get back into a career they're passionate about.

Perks of the Job:

  • Getting paid great to do what you love

  • Work with amazing people + clients

  • Worry-free; just show up, shoot, go home!

  • Very flexible schedule

What we're looking for:

  • A friendly, patient personality that is good with little ones

  • Experience as a professional photographer is preferred, but not required 

  • Having professional grade camera and lenses preferred, but not required (we have spare gear)

  • Must have reliable transportation

Your role:

  • Capture sunrise and sunset family beach sessions for groups of up to 25

  • Photograph residential homes, lots, and commercial properties for real estate and rental companies

  • Photograph events such as concerts, fishing tournaments, etc

  • Learn to edit family beach sessions on brand with Merdog Media

  • Potential for more creative commercial shoots for advertising, promotions, etc

  • This position will be part time with the potential for full time in the future

If you think you'd be a great fit, we would love to hear from you!
Email us:

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